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Sword Display Cases

En Garde! We stock two different sizes of hanger displays, which are perfect for most collectible swords. If these two sword cases don't foot the bill, ask us to build you a custom-made case up to 7" deep.

Sword Display Cases
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  • Display your larger or heavier swords without hassle of wires or strings
  • This innovative locking sword display comes with adjustable brass hangers
  • Enjoy the freedom of easy placement and removal of your sword
  • Lock & doweled corner construction
12 x 18 x 3 Inch Sword Display Case
(Inside dimensions approx. 10 x 16 inches)
SKU: HANG12x18x3
12 x 42 x 4 Inch Sword Display Case
(Inside dimensions approx. 10 x 40 inches)
12 x 42 x 5 Inch Sword Display Case
(Inside dimensions approx. 12 x 40 inches)
SKU: HANG12x42x5




Custom Display Cases

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